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Burn-In & Reliability Testing  Solutions

DHE Lab provides state of the art technology and solutions to perform design consultation and board burn-in reliability testing for integrated circuit (IC) analysis.

DHE Lab is committed to providing:

  • Printed circuit board (PCB) design

  • Fabrication and assembly turnkey services

  • On demand automatic testing equipment (ATE) high temperature operating life (HTOL) and low temperature operating life (LTOL) consultation including vector conversion

  • HTOL & LTOL testing services with custom device configurations

We are distinguished by consistently and accurately identifying device process issues and providing the utmost attention and quality for our customers.

Our Services

Our Services

DHE Lab provides custom PCB design and turnkey fabrication services. Our team specializes in PCB 

design for various types of HTOL systems. We provide 

full technical support and recommendations for designs.

DHE Lab has full engineering turnkey support for

fabrication and board assembly. We monitor and verify this phase closely to ensure that all your requirements are met. From electrical testing on the first article board to initial bring up, we verify the board is ready for HTOL testing.

Uniquely focused on the specialized requirements for HTOL/LTOL testing service and development. We support custom configurations using 

various types of HTOL

systems and on site

HTOL ATE consultation

services. Creative problem solving and data interpretation is what sets us apart.

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