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PCB Design

DHE Lab wants to integrate our in-house design team with your PCB design. DHE Lab PCB designers specialize in the PCB design for HTOL systems, uniquely maximizing flexibility and performance of the PCB design.


From the beginning stages of selecting a socket for a device, we make sure that the fit, size, and features are compatible to the device package specification and meet your cost requirements. We work with our customers closely to ensure that all the steps from single cell layout to final board layout meet both industry standards and your device requirements.


We review and verify every aspect of the design and provide continuous communication and improvement. We keep our customers informed of the any current and developing board applications while offering the best solutions and maintaining the integrity and quality of the design. 

Design Capabilities


We use leading design platform Cadence Allegro PCB Designer

  • Design Rules Check (DRC) Driven Designs (Constraint Manager, Constraint Editor)

  • Schematic OrCAD Capture and CAD Library Creation and Maintenance

  • Signal Integrity / Design Verification

  • High Speed Design/ High Power Designs/ High Temperature Designs

  • Single Ended and Differential Controlled Impedance Design

  • Design for Manufacture / Test / Assembly

  • Micro BGA / Micro Via / Blind & Buried Vias ( 0.3MM & 0.4MM fine Pitch BGA)

  • Full Documentation Package Creation

  • Turnkey on-site or remote Design Support

DHE Lab PCB Design
DHE Lab PCB Routing
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