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Low temperature operating life (LTOL) test method, uses Tahoe Low Power systems by Incal. With various systems and multiple configurations we can customize LTOL test conditions to meet your requirements. We also offer on demand Automatic Testing Equipment (ATE) consultation services which include review of ATE timing/pin configuration and vector conversion.

Our LTOL test service helps to determine IC conditions over time. The IC's operating conditions are biased and a low ambient temperature is applied. This is done to help understand manufacturing defects using an accelerated methodology. 

DHE Lab documents procedures and can provide complete traceability throughout the different phases of the LTOL test service including incoming inspection, tool calibration logs, ESD safety control, live monitoring logs during LTOL testing, and outgoing inspection. 

Explore the HX Models 

Explore the LTOL System Configurations

Tahoe Low Power LTOL System

Tahoe LTOL


  • 160 I/O Channels, 21MB Depth and Higher

  • 64 Monitoring Channels (Voltage, Current, Frequency, Vector Compare, & Sign of Life)

  • Clock Rate: Up to 25 MHz

  • 12 Power Supplies (0.5 V to 6.25 V) Up to 24A & 4 Power Supplies (0.5V to 5V) Up to 12A

  • Temperature Range: -55º C to 160º C​

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